Google Promoting Gay Marriage

Count me in as one of the smartphone geeks who hates Apple and is a Google power user.  So, all I wanted to do was check out the new Nexus 5 phone from Google and not think about politics for just a second.  They thought they could just flash it by me in a split second without noticing, but there it was on their video ad: "Google, show me wedding photos..."  And bam:

Drip by drip they are going to become social engineers along with our utopian masterminds in DC...

@GOP #DefundObamaCareWhipCount

The defunding of Obamacare (currently via the Continuing Resolution) has become a defining moment in the ongoing battle between the establishment ruling class of the Grand Old Party and Conservatives. Sadly, it's become a battle within the conservative movement itself. This is a "red line" moment that I believe is not only worth drawing, but fighting to the political death of the feckless Republican Party. If we can't find the courage to put it all on the line in the face out-right unconstitutional tyranny with the majority of the public on our side, then we will never fight.

#DefundObamacare and fighting our own party along the way...

Yet another example in the long list of  Conservatives having to fight their own party more than the radicals on the other side who would take us into full blown Statism if the Constitution wasn't such a document of  "negative rights".

Jim Pethokoukis Masquerading as Serious Thinker

"I would prefer to see Washington’s energy directed toward pro-growth tax reform and a pro-work middle-class agenda"

Hey, Cruz/Paul are Religious Zealots

The "Laying of Hands" is a very specific and implied action performed by the Apostles in the New Testament to impart Spiritual Gifts...not some random act of hands touching another person.

White House Down

Ironically, actor James Woods played a Secret Service agent in the recent Hollywood flop "White House Down". The only thing being burned to the ground is Obama when Woods destroys him and the Zimmerman fall-out in just a few simple tweets...

@ExJon Eviscerating Hacks...

Nothing like a bunch of elitist Liberals popping off about how wonderful Detroit was and is going to be because King Obama waived his hand over some crow.

Stay Classy Thugs

Hey, I've got a great idea! Let's get some #JusticeForTrayvon over a perceived injustice by committing crimes against innocent people who had nothing to do with the outcome. BRILLIANT...

#Zimmerman Uncensored

This is just so outrageous...

Fox News Changes "Militant" to "Extremist"

Maybe I'm making something out of nothing, but it did catch my eye, and for Conservatives and normal Americans, words matter. It seems that the Associated Press was first to break the story about the Nigerian Nightmare saying it was done by Islamist MILITANTS.

Newtown in Nigeria

An the American media remains silent..

John Kerry WAS on His Yacht - What Does it Matter Now Anyway???

I've noticed an interesting trend among Conservatives who express their feelings about why other Conservatives latch on to certain stories. These stories in their minds are irrelevant, petty, or just plain stupid. Let's take the Kerry Yacht story...


Happy Anti-Independence Day Ya'll!

Happy Independence Day to all of us normal Americans. Just thought you should know about all those who have gotten filthy rich being here but choose this particular day to tell us why they hate America so much.

Awesome Tweets from the Suspect #2 Manhunt and Capture

You would think my wife would be used to it now - me sitting on the couch with my laptop open and randomly breaking out into laughter.  But, that's what some of you most snarky and creative tweeps do.  I didn't want to let these gems be forever last in the Twitter la la land.

Here are my favorites - send me more and I'll consider posting:

Confirmed: MSNBC's Chris Matthews Pretty Much Hates America

I did something today, in the aftermath of the terrorist bombings at the Boston Marathon, that I rarely do; I watched it unfold with Chris Matthews of MSNBC.  With all the focus on him saying that domestic terrorists "tend to be on the far right", I think everyone missed this little nugget of admission:

" know what we are talking about Vernon, we're talking about something good and nice, to use a word we don't use often on this show, NICE, about America."
 This sound bite begins at 1:54 mark, but I wanted to provide the full 2 minute and 12 second clip so there could be no mistake about the context of this statement. Chris Matthews rarely has anything nice to say about America.  So yes, he pretty much hates America.

What Is Up with Marco Rubio???


We're fighting for the soul of this country that is on the brink of financial implosion under a president and Democrat party that has been on a 5year power binge.  Their definition of bipartisanship is to have things their way or completely straw man and demagogue the issue to death.  The GOP has been out-foxed time and time again by the Democrats.  So, what does Rubio decide to do?  Join a "gang" that is comprised of some career Democrat pukes in Schumer and Durbin. He intends to hand over critical legislation to be administered by Barack Obama and the democrat party.  And what does the GOP get in return?  O'h, about 10 million more votes to make up for the 2016 presidential election.

I saw the cracks in Rubio when he changed the language from "illegal" to "undocumented", but now he is charging forth just like another sell-out politician.  First we get news of a whopping 1,500 page bill that will have only 1 committee hearing dropped off with less than 24 hours to read it.

Then this via one of my favorite Tweetsters @NolteNC, Rubio goes full monty as he will appear on 7 of the Sunday shows.

What next? Ted Cruz teams up with Diane Fientstein and Obama on a bill called "Gunning Down our Kids"

Ann Coulter Calls Obama a "Dic"

Trying to be clever and cute with the Obama headline "I am not a Dictator", Coulter said that her DVR cut off the "tator" part of the last word:

If you recall, she also called Obama a "retard" and deservedly got rebuked for it.

This is 3rd grade level stuff and just adds fuel to a fire that does not need stoking.  Conservatives are already under a microscope and Coulter just wants to increase the magnification.

See, the real problem is that Ann doesn't have a firm grasp on Conservatism.  She is confused about who Conservatives are when she twisted herself into a pretzel to declare Mitt Romney was the most conservative Republican candidate for president.  Here ultimate choice was Chris Christie, but she was way behind the curve in recognizing that Christie was just another moderate Republican who has caved on Obamacare among other things.

Now, she is confused about how Conservatives carry themselves.  They don't go around calling the president of the United States a "dick" or "retard". 

Ann Coulter

Turning out to be just another number in the long list of phony conservatives...

#Photogate - Obama Goes Target Shooting

There is no doubt this is not the last we've seen or heard about this photo and it will be critiqued down to the last megapixel. Even if none of the conspiracy theory attacks hold up, it will be fun to watch it all unfold. Going to start tracking it here.

Here is the official description from White House flickr account:

President Barack Obama shoots clay targets on the range at Camp David, Md., Saturday, Aug. 4, 2012. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)
First things first. Was Obama at Camp David on August 4th, 2012?  Yes, according to multiple media reports on his schedule, even though there is nothing on the  But according to the Office of the Press Secretary, he was to "travel to Camp David" on Saturday the 4th.

Interestingly, the President's birthday is August 4th.  And what a better way to celebrate your birthday than your 104th round of Gold!  This also confirms his plays to head to Camp David.  According to The New York Daily News, Obama..
marked his 51st birthday Saturday with a quiet round of golf...playing golf for the 104th time since taking office, hit the links at Andrews Air Force base before departing for a night away at Camp David.
 Now, this is where it get's a little interesting.  According to the Boston Globe, Obama's round of golf lasted about 6 hours.  The photo shown below is one taken as he boards Marine One after playing golf and heading to Camp David.  He is wearing khaki pants and a white shirt.

Andrews Air Force base is only about 80 miles from Camp David, so I assume he was there in less than an hour.  So, with a morning tee time, Obama could have easily made it to Camp David with plenty of day light to go "target shooting".

I have to assume that after golfing, the President showered and changed clothes.  Anyone who plays a full round of 18 knows how stinky and smelly you are after golfing outdoors.  Additionally, it can be physically draining.  So, we are left to conclude that Obama played golf and then on his birthday wanted to go target shooting at Camp David.  Believable?  Sure, but why the change of clothes?

 More to come...

Senator Chuck Grassley is Not a Conservative

Sorry, but CNN does not get to tell me who the conservatives Republicans are in the Senate.  Trying to seize control of the ridiculous gun debate that has erupted over the shootings in Sandy Hook, CNN labels Grassley a conservative under the heading "Grassley suggests openness to gun control idea".  And there you have it, we know have bi-partisan support from a so-called conservative Republican.

I'm not here to debate whether Grassley is weak on 2nd Amendment rights, but to prove out that he is not a Conservative and voted for bigger government expansion on several occasions:
  •  Voted for Bush's Medicare Part D
  • Voted for Bush's Aviation & Transportation Security Act of 2001 that gave birth to the TSA
  • Voted for for Bush's $152 billion Economic Stimulus Act of 2008
  • Voted for Bush's $700+ billion TARP
  • Voted for the Boehner/Obama "Budget Deal" in April of 2011
 And when it came time to fight the biggest breach of constitutional rights and government expansion in American history in Obamacare, he not only remained silent, but jumped into the fray.  From Nathan Tabor at
"Rather than fighting this attempt at an oppressive government takeover of the private sector, Senator Grassley appears to be more concerned with garnering positive press by not just remaining silent while Democrats shove their health care bill down the throats of the American people, but by proposing his own amendment to bill titled America's Healthy Future Act of 2009, the brainchild of Democrat Senator Max Baucus of Montana."
Voting time and time again for bigger government and rubbing elbows with one of the most liberal members of the Senate is not my definition of a Conservative.

Add one to my list of Phonycons.

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