@GOP #DefundObamaCareWhipCount

The defunding of Obamacare (currently via the Continuing Resolution) has become a defining moment in the ongoing battle between the establishment ruling class of the Grand Old Party and Conservatives. Sadly, it's become a battle within the conservative movement itself. This is a "red line" moment that I believe is not only worth drawing, but fighting to the political death of the feckless Republican Party. If we can't find the courage to put it all on the line in the face out-right unconstitutional tyranny with the majority of the public on our side, then we will never fight.

#DefundObamacare and fighting our own party along the way...

Yet another example in the long list of  Conservatives having to fight their own party more than the radicals on the other side who would take us into full blown Statism if the Constitution wasn't such a document of  "negative rights".

Jim Pethokoukis Masquerading as Serious Thinker

"I would prefer to see Washington’s energy directed toward pro-growth tax reform and a pro-work middle-class agenda"

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