Obama to Make a "...pretty damn good ex-president"

If you had any hopes as I did the members of the Obama cult would put down the koolaid, you are sadly mistaken.  From the Daily Beast:

Romney Giddy about RomneyCare

h/t: Kathleen McKinley

I know Romney is sick and tired of defending his stance on RomneyCare, but if he gets the nomination I don't think it goes away.  I personally believe that it will end his nomination for the Republican Party.  There's a

Politico Changes Cain Headline

Immediately upon blogging about this, I emailed and tweeted the author of this story Emily Schultheis and complained of sloppy journalism.  Upon checking Politico at approximately 10:20 Eastern time, the headline

Wow, Just Wow...

From Philip Klein at the great Washington Examiner, the White House has refused subpoena request because of "party-line voting".  Over $500 million flushed down the Green Toilet, the American tax-payers deserve answers, and the Obama administration rejects the checks and balances of our Republic.  #Dictatorship

Politico Strikes Again

Did you have the same initial reaction as I did when I saw this front page headline from the Politico?  New

My Take on Herman Cain 11/4/11

1.  No firsthand Documents

Hey Janet - Where's the Left Wing Extremist Report?

A little over 2 years ago, Napolitano with the full force of the Department of Homeland Security issued a report

Obama's Delusion & Race Obsession on Display

From the The Hill online, Obama made three absurd comments at the National Italian American Foundation

Washington Times Justifies $70K on Obama Books

They just can't help themselves.  The Washington Times in this article actually tries to do some legit vetting of

Introducing Perry's Tea Party Talking Points Tax Plan

In reading his Wall Street Journal oped, it looks like he pushes just about every Tea Party  hot button.

Anyone Aware of Polls Showing "Overwhelming" Support for Obama's Jobs Bill?

"Polls show overwhelming support for pieces of the $447 billion package..."

The MSM's Failed Attempt to Link Occupy with Tea - Again

Another fundamentally failed attempt to link the Tea Party Movement to the Occupy Cult from the NY Times.

Krauthammer: Cain is "winging it"

(h/t: Hotair)  Via the Daily Caller, Krauthammer thinks that Herman Cain is "winging it", and I tend to agree. 

#OWS Logic - "Koch, The Cause of a Doomed Generation"

Right there for all the world to see in this NY Daily News article about Pete Seeger joining the parasites in the

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