Ann Coulter Calls Obama a "Dic"

Trying to be clever and cute with the Obama headline "I am not a Dictator", Coulter said that her DVR cut off the "tator" part of the last word:

If you recall, she also called Obama a "retard" and deservedly got rebuked for it.

This is 3rd grade level stuff and just adds fuel to a fire that does not need stoking.  Conservatives are already under a microscope and Coulter just wants to increase the magnification.

See, the real problem is that Ann doesn't have a firm grasp on Conservatism.  She is confused about who Conservatives are when she twisted herself into a pretzel to declare Mitt Romney was the most conservative Republican candidate for president.  Here ultimate choice was Chris Christie, but she was way behind the curve in recognizing that Christie was just another moderate Republican who has caved on Obamacare among other things.

Now, she is confused about how Conservatives carry themselves.  They don't go around calling the president of the United States a "dick" or "retard". 

Ann Coulter

Turning out to be just another number in the long list of phony conservatives...

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