Senator Chuck Grassley is Not a Conservative

Sorry, but CNN does not get to tell me who the conservatives Republicans are in the Senate.  Trying to seize control of the ridiculous gun debate that has erupted over the shootings in Sandy Hook, CNN labels Grassley a conservative under the heading "Grassley suggests openness to gun control idea".  And there you have it, we know have bi-partisan support from a so-called conservative Republican.

I'm not here to debate whether Grassley is weak on 2nd Amendment rights, but to prove out that he is not a Conservative and voted for bigger government expansion on several occasions:

  •  Voted for Bush's Medicare Part D
  • Voted for Bush's Aviation & Transportation Security Act of 2001 that gave birth to the TSA
  • Voted for for Bush's $152 billion Economic Stimulus Act of 2008
  • Voted for Bush's $700+ billion TARP
  • Voted for the Boehner/Obama "Budget Deal" in April of 2011
 And when it came time to fight the biggest breach of constitutional rights and government expansion in American history in Obamacare, he not only remained silent, but jumped into the fray.  From Nathan Tabor at
"Rather than fighting this attempt at an oppressive government takeover of the private sector, Senator Grassley appears to be more concerned with garnering positive press by not just remaining silent while Democrats shove their health care bill down the throats of the American people, but by proposing his own amendment to bill titled America's Healthy Future Act of 2009, the brainchild of Democrat Senator Max Baucus of Montana."
Voting time and time again for bigger government and rubbing elbows with one of the most liberal members of the Senate is not my definition of a Conservative.

Add one to my list of Phonycons.

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