Politico Changes Cain Headline

Immediately upon blogging about this, I emailed and tweeted the author of this story Emily Schultheis and complained of sloppy journalism.  Upon checking Politico at approximately 10:20 Eastern time, the headline

Wow, Just Wow...

From Philip Klein at the great Washington Examiner, the White House has refused subpoena request because of "party-line voting".  Over $500 million flushed down the Green Toilet, the American tax-payers deserve answers, and the Obama administration rejects the checks and balances of our Republic.  #Dictatorship

Politico Strikes Again

Did you have the same initial reaction as I did when I saw this front page headline from the Politico?  New

My Take on Herman Cain 11/4/11

1.  No firsthand Documents

Hey Janet - Where's the Left Wing Extremist Report?

A little over 2 years ago, Napolitano with the full force of the Department of Homeland Security issued a report

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