What Is Up with Marco Rubio???


We're fighting for the soul of this country that is on the brink of financial implosion under a president and Democrat party that has been on a 5year power binge.  Their definition of bipartisanship is to have things their way or completely straw man and demagogue the issue to death.  The GOP has been out-foxed time and time again by the Democrats.  So, what does Rubio decide to do?  Join a "gang" that is comprised of some career Democrat pukes in Schumer and Durbin. He intends to hand over critical legislation to be administered by Barack Obama and the democrat party.  And what does the GOP get in return?  O'h, about 10 million more votes to make up for the 2016 presidential election.

I saw the cracks in Rubio when he changed the language from "illegal" to "undocumented", but now he is charging forth just like another sell-out politician.  First we get news of a whopping 1,500 page bill that will have only 1 committee hearing dropped off with less than 24 hours to read it.

Then this via one of my favorite Tweetsters @NolteNC, Rubio goes full monty as he will appear on 7 of the Sunday shows.

What next? Ted Cruz teams up with Diane Fientstein and Obama on a bill called "Gunning Down our Kids"

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