Hey, Cruz/Paul are Religious Zealots

The "Laying of Hands" is a very specific and implied action performed by the Apostles in the New Testament to impart Spiritual Gifts...not some random act of hands touching another person.

White House Down

Ironically, actor James Woods played a Secret Service agent in the recent Hollywood flop "White House Down". The only thing being burned to the ground is Obama when Woods destroys him and the Zimmerman fall-out in just a few simple tweets...

@ExJon Eviscerating Hacks...

Nothing like a bunch of elitist Liberals popping off about how wonderful Detroit was and is going to be because King Obama waived his hand over some crow.

Stay Classy Thugs

Hey, I've got a great idea! Let's get some #JusticeForTrayvon over a perceived injustice by committing crimes against innocent people who had nothing to do with the outcome. BRILLIANT...

#Zimmerman Uncensored

This is just so outrageous...

Fox News Changes "Militant" to "Extremist"

Maybe I'm making something out of nothing, but it did catch my eye, and for Conservatives and normal Americans, words matter. It seems that the Associated Press was first to break the story about the Nigerian Nightmare saying it was done by Islamist MILITANTS.

Newtown in Nigeria

An the American media remains silent..

John Kerry WAS on His Yacht - What Does it Matter Now Anyway???

I've noticed an interesting trend among Conservatives who express their feelings about why other Conservatives latch on to certain stories. These stories in their minds are irrelevant, petty, or just plain stupid. Let's take the Kerry Yacht story...


Happy Anti-Independence Day Ya'll!

Happy Independence Day to all of us normal Americans. Just thought you should know about all those who have gotten filthy rich being here but choose this particular day to tell us why they hate America so much.

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