The MSM's Failed Attempt to Link Occupy with Tea - Again

Another fundamentally failed attempt to link the Tea Party Movement to the Occupy Cult from the NY Times.
"In fact, the to movements do share key traits" writes Kate Zernike.  And just what are these "facts" - undeniable truths?

"They emerged out of nowhere but quickly became potent political forces..."  So, OWS is now a "political force"?  So flawed, I don't know where to begin.  For starters, no one, not even the Occupy zombies themselves can coherently explain or define what they stand for.  Secondly, can you identify one political change that has occurred as a direct result of Occupy?  How many political candidates have run on the Occupy Platform?  How may Occupy Party candidates have won elections? Is breaking the law, rioting, destroying public property, and being arrested a means to assert "political force"?

"...a belief that big institutions favor the reckless over the hard-working"  Is this a known fact that the Tea Party believes this?  I've never seen a sign, printed literature, or heard this shouted at a Tea Party event.  In fact, I challenge you to even define what this means.  Just how, specifically, have "big institutions" shown this favor?  How do you define a "big institution"?  What does it mean to be "hard-working"?  So many unanswered questions.

And then this final zinger about regulating banks:
" To them [Tea Party], the solution is less regulation of banks, not more"  Again, I would love for anyone to show me that this not only is a key point in the Tea Party movement, but that it has even been brought up at all?  My guess is that Bank regulations fall way towards the bottom of the regulatory pecking order of the overreach of the federal government in our lives.

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