Politico Strikes Again

Did you have the same initial reaction as I did when I saw this front page headline from the Politico?  New
details of even more sexual harrassment allegations against Herman Cain.  Like most, I quickly linked to the story to see what nameless sources they found this time.  Quickly scanning the article to get to the juicy details of further allegations, I had to read it twice just to make sure I wasn't missing something.  I then had to go back and read the headline over and over to make sure I didn't read it incorrectly.

I'm no journalist, but if you are going to make a quote a part of your story headline, shouldn't it be worded differently???  Like this perhaps:

Cain:  complaints were familiar issue for NRA   OR
Cain - "complaints were familiar issue for NRA"
Hack "journalism"?

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