Mittens is "Perfect" & Honey Badger is "Disguising"

Politico does it again.  I can't wait until they use their supreme logic and crack journalistic skills to vet the democrat candidate - it should be a blast!

Two headline stories that are not only fundamentally flawed but diametrically opposed.  I will simply give you a quote from the beginning of each story and save you the time of reading the rest.

So, because Newt the Honey Badger is a great debater he is disguising all of his imperfections:

The disguise part is, too. Gingrich has used his debate skills - and this instinct to hit the raw nerves of conservatives - to camouflage considerable weaknesses as a candidate.
 And Romney, he's just PERFECT!
Perfect resume, perfect looks, perfect family, and a perfect roster of skilled campaign operatives and blue-chip endorsements: Mitt Romney has them all.
Perfect resume??? For what? For Obama to crush him like a bug!

  •  Multiple flip flops
  • Romneycare
  • Bain Capital*
  • Mormonism#
Perfect looks?  I'll give you this one - I would love to have his hair!

Perfect family?  Well, the only way we will find out is if he gets the GOP nod.  Lord knows the MSM will find a way to rip them to shreds like they did Palin's family.

Perfect roster of skilled campaign operatives?  The same operatives who got out-foxed by the Honey Badger in South Carolina who doesn't have nearly the money or campaign staff of Mr. Perfect.  The same operatives who laid a political land mine of Romney not releasing his tax records?

Blue-chip endorsements?  Like the impact Governor Nikki Haley's had in South Carolina?

* I am pro-capitalism and will cringe of the Republicans head down the slippery slope of bashing it.  However, it's ok the question the methods and decisions one makes as a leader of a capitalistic organization.

# I don't think Mormonism is a cult and I don't think religion should have anything to do with being president, however, this was a contrived issue the last go around and will be so again.

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